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Following my last post about my nervous wait after my partners 3 interviews....I'm ecstatic to say he got the job!!!! We are finally moving to perth on a 457 visa in April. I just wanted to say that if you want something badly enough it WILL happen!! It took a good couple of years but we have finally done it and couldn't be happier. Don't give up on your dreams....

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Hi Charlotte that is fab news your so lucky, me hubby and our son are wanting to move to oz but we dont have a clue where to start we keep looking on web sites and job sited but its hard to know what order you need to do things in. I am in accounts and payroll but still studying so dont think i can get sponsored with that and my OH is a truck/tanker driver. we have sent off resumes to loads of places guess it just takes that one company to say yes. can you let me know what order you done things pls it would be great to get help from someone who has and is doing it.


laura x

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