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Does anyone know who I could speak to about moving to Australia?

Hi, My husband and I are thinking of moving to Australia, we have so many questions and cannot seem to find the answers we need.

We have been on a couple of agent sites and one is in a hurry to start work on our visa's but we are still at the stage of finding out all the pro's and con's of it all.

We have 3 children to consider as well, so it's not like we can just do it!

Its so confussing and we are getting conflicting information.

If anyone knows someone we can talk to rather than keep reading different articles it would be a great help.


Best wishes


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hmm is this all I have to do to tell you that if you have general questions re Australia, relating to Melbourne (lived there 20 years and drove cabs there so know it well), Canberra lived there 20 years and USED cabs), lived in Brisbane 2 years and now live on Sunshine Coast Spent 13 weeks in Darwin on posting). Father of 2 kids (now 26 and 24) . Am not an agent, have no agenda , so if I can answer a question am happy to do so.


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