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Eligible for a skilled worker 190 visa but not in the state I want to live and work in...

It appears I may be eligible for a 190 visa in Victoria but not in Queensland (where I would like to live and work) because the Queensland QSOL does not currently include my ANZSCO at the present time...

Does anyone know...

1. Whether it is LEGALLY possible to emigrate to Australia on a visa provided by one state and then live and work in another state?

2. How often Queensland change their list of skilled worker occupations on their QSOL?

3. Whether ANZSCO code 135112 (ICT Project Manager) has ever been on the Queensland list of occupations and has since been removed? Or, whether it has never been on (in the hope that it might get added the next time the QSOL is revised)? 

Any information gratefully received! 



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