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Hi,. I am a Plasterer/general builder and just starting the application process and  have been advised that I will need a Gold Card Building License to work in Australia . Also that it would help my points to attend a short course at a TAFE Tech College as I have no certificates only years of experience.

I would be grateful for any advice.

Thank you


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Hi Mark
We emigrated last September, my husband also being a builder with City and Guilds. We thought there would be plenty of work available due to moving to flood affected area, however husband struggled for first 2 months in finding anything. They are very hot on licences for everything so I would do plenty of research and get as many under your belt before you get here! My hubby found a job restoring old buildings but he was extremely fortunate as not a lot of vacancies for general builders, tradies for specific jobs such as plasters, roofers,  tilers and as I say all needing licences! My husband had to get a white card and will have to get builders licence to do any private jobs over about $2000, this course can be done one night a week over two years. My advice would be do plenty of research, we didnt and although turned out ok now, was a shock when we first got here. Good luck, its worth it!!

Hi Jennifer

Thank you for your reply, If you have time would you mind letting me what collage your husband used as we have contacted TAFE Tech and have not had any reply as yet . Its hard to know where to start and am thinking of approaching an agency but put off by the costs  involved so you help is much appreciated.

Thank you

Mark & Louise

Hi Mark

Hubby did his training many years ago ( over 20) to get his City and Guilds. He had his skills formally assessed with the TRA ( trade recognition agency/authority) who were doing the trade recognition for emigration at our time of applying. He had to submit his reference and certificates and then wait to be invited to attend a 2 day assessment in England, building walls etc. once assessed a certificate was granted, until we had that, we couldnt proceed. I think things may have changed since we applied though. The White card has been acquired since we got here by simply going online and answering questions with a small ($60) fee, I think it was about that cost. Often employers will put you on training courses etc. we found the assistance of our agent invaluable, I am not sure I would have proceeded if going it alone because it all seems very daunting at first! Agents break it down into small achievable chunks! Expensive bu worth the investment in the long run! Good luck with it allm:-)

Hi Jennifer

Thank you for your help, its been much appreciated.


KInd Regards

Mark & Louise

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