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How do you categorise Thermal Insulation in Aus?

Can anyone help?  I have got to the stage where Canberra have shown an interest in my CV and I am starting the process of completing my application for state sponsorship, so it is ready when the doors re-open for applications.  As part of the process we are researching work for my husband as we need to show how we intend to support ourselve.  He runs his own business in the construction industry insulating air conditioning ductwork,pipework, boilers etc, mainly for large industrial and commerical buildings.  We know this is a trade that happens all over the world, but it is very difficult to categorise, even in this country.  Is there anyone who knows how it is categorised in Aus, and/or any names of companies that deal with this type of work.  He does not plan to have his own business in Aus., but ideally would be best working in the same trade.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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