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Can anyone advise. I have written a book 'Travel with the Strings' which I am in the process of attempting to get published and I would like to write a third book based around Diving in Western Australia.I would also be looking at freelance writing whilst there


 Does anyone have any ideas if I can write - which is work, whilst on a extended tourist visa, or can I get a work visa to stay out there whilst I write, so my husband can also work - he is a driving instructor. I would be approaching Australian Publishing Houses so is there any protocool that anyone knows about for something like this, where Visas are concerned?



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Hi Janice, Get the 12 month tourist visa and write while you travel west Oz. Who would know and why is keeping a diary and notes on your travels work? Wink wink!
Now if you are wanting to live here for good, thats another story.

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