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Hey all,


My husband is in the process of applying for an employee sponsored visa and we are moving to Perth in January 2012. I was wondering if anyone had any advice, neither of us have been to Perth before so ANY advice would be helpful and very appreciated! We won't really know anyone there either so we are really throwing ourselves in the deep end but I know everything will work out!

 If anyone has advice on cheaper airlines, places to rent houses although we will be more then likely staying in a B&B/hotel for the first few weeks until we get our barings so advice on that would be helpful. We are literally starting a fresh, selling our house in the U.K. and coming to Perth with 1 suitcase each so we will need to buy everything. If anyone has info on car rental or if it is better to buy a car, also is there any procedures that need to be taken before driving in Perth i.e. a theory test?


Thank you,



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Hi Emma,


Firstly, Perth is wonderful, so I'm sure you will enjoy it!


Whereabouts will your husband be working?  That might dictate where you want to live.  As you're probably aware, Perth is divided by the Swan River, with the CBD in the north.  Housing is generally cheaper South, or the further north you go.  A good place to start re housing is; there are both rentals and properties for sale on there.  As for hotels, just Google hotels in Perth and you'll get a selection.  I do know a really good B&B, but it's out in Brigadoon and costs $225 a night, so probebly not quite what you're looking for!


I would suggest it's better to buy a car; cars can be quite cheap ii you shop around, and don't be afraid to haggle.  One word of caution, don't buy a hail damaged car, it's likely the warranty will be invalid for paint work and it will probably rust quicker.  As long as you have a full UK driving licence, you don't need to take a test, more info here:


Be aware that cost of living is high here, utilities are not deregulated, so you have no choice but to go with one provider and it is expensive!  If you're coming in January, it will be hot, but February will be hotter!


Good luck!

Thank you for your reply Paul it was very helpful! We aren't sure where he will be based as yet, he will be working as a mechanic at Ktas and I'm under the impression that there are sites all over Perth! $225 is slightly much!! We need somewhere thats minimum budget!

I have been looking at cost of living and its shocking compared to the UK but then again the wage is much better so it evens out really. Have you any ideas on places where rent maybe cheaper? I have been looking at Ellenbrook/Landsdale but obviously I have never been so I have no idea what it is like! I am very excited but equally nervous as I feel we are stepping into the complete unknown!!


Thank you for your advice,



Ellenbrook is about 20km from the beach, but nice; I think there's a lot of new development up there.  One thing, it might be in a bush fire danger zone.


Landsdale is a bit closer, 12km from the beach.  Both are probably cheaper than the area west of the freeway.  Nice places are Kingsley, Karrinyup, Hillarys etc., if you ant to go north.  I live in Currambine, mainly because we found a nice house thee and it was close to a train station and the beach is five minutes away, but it's full of Poms!


Have you ever been to Australia, or are you coming out completely fresh?

Hmm u have definitely put me off Ellenbrook after telling me that it is in the bush fire danger zone! Lol. I have looked at Kingsley and it looks very nice and I like the idea that its on the coast. I would like to live in a place where there are other English people, or "poms" as you call us!

Never been to Australia so we really are throwing ourselves in the deep end! Exciting but very nerve wracking at the same time! :o/


If you want to live amongst the English then come to Currambine, Kinross or Clarkson!


I think it's very brave to come out without ever having visited; I hope it at least meets your expectations.

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