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Are household items such as feather pillows and duvets and also straw/feather hats allowed to ship in a container to OZ? Also what about items that have been in contact with soil: garden furniture and tools, BBQ, bikes, shoes? Is it sufficient to thoroughly clean them? If they are not allowed what happens in practice if the customs finds them?

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I have a list of requirements supplied by a removalist on spec and here's what I can find:
Feather products: Providing the feathers aren't from an endangered animal they are subject to customs inspection and treatment if necessary.

Items of interest to Quarantine include all items that may have come into contact with soil and vegetation such as gardening equipment, bicycles, scooters etc, sporting and camping equipment e.g. golf clubs and buggies, cleaning equipment, brooms, mops, vacuum cleaner waste bags and the like. These items should be thoroughly cleaned before despatch. Please note however prior cleaning and other treatment (Fumigation, steam cleaning etc.) does not ensure automatic clearance. AQIS will order further treatment if in their opinion the items being imported present a quarantine risk.
We were told that garden tools had to be cleaned and painted!

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