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Is it possible to go to Oz on a working holiday visa while i have my gsm 175 visa? the reason being is i wanted to go a few months in advance to secure a rented property and a job before my partner and daughter arrived, i understand i would have to go offshore and that the three of us would have to enter together to validate the visa and my understanding is i cant go alone on the 175 because i would be excluding the two of them from it...any help appreciated

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Hi Alec - you're right, be careful about the offshore thing, I heard you have to be very careful, as you cannot be in Oz when they grant the visa - or else it could be denied on those grounds. I would think that your whole family would have to be outside of Oz when it's granted, not just yourself - so I would double check that. Other than that I don't think you'd have a problem doing it - it'd be expensive to fly all of you out there for working hol visa, then all of you back for getting 175 granted, but if you could afford it then it sounds like a good idea! At the end of the day it's a big decision (esp. if you have kids), so you need to make sure you make the right decision as to where you go and settle, so a recci is a good idea even if that does means you going on your own on a working visa, for a couple of months (or whatever) leaving your wife and daughter behind.

Hi ALec

Several things here. If your 175 is granted you can go alone before your family. The grant letter/email wil give a date by which you must all enter Australia. YOu can go first, but the family cant enter before you, they can enter with you, or after you remembering whatever date you are given. It very hard to have that date extended, so make sure you get in in time. But thats not a problem for you based on what you say.


Im not sure if you already have the 175 visa?





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