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TV Production Company is looking for you!

Award winning TV production company Ricochet are creating a new documentary series about people moving to Australia. 

We want to celebrate those who are taking the plunge and relocating their whole family to the other side of the world. As emigrating to Oz is something that most of us would love to do but aren't brave enough to try, we’re looking for six charismatic British families planning a new life down under to inspire the nation.

If you are…


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More foreign workers needed in Western Australia

An extensive report has backed business claims that more migrant workers are needed in Western Australia.

The report, from Edith Cowan University, and covered in WA Today,concluded that Australians in the eastern states were too reluctant to make the move west, and universities are not adequately preparing students.

Numerous WA resource companies are forking out between $7000 and $65,000 on each application to bring in an overseas worker on a 457 visa because they cannot…


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New Zealand

Dear Get Me Down Under,

                                   My mum and dad keep going on about moving to New Zealand but they have said they will need to take the whole family there for a month to see if we all like it or not, they keep looking at houses to buy/rent and it is really annoying me because me and my brothers really want to live there but my mum and dad say they…


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End of 2010 update

Been a bit hectic over the last few weeks but we thought we'd do one last wee update.

Well, the house sale went through without too many problems. The people behind our buyers were playing silly buggers which meant we had to put a deadline on the conclusions so we could give Crown a definite date…


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South Australia announce interim skilled migration list

Immigration South Australia has published an interim list of occupations in demand ahead of the approval of its State Migration Plan.

The interim list, which can be found here, includes occupations that Immigration SA will consider for Sponsorships until the State Migration Plan is implemented. This could be some while, as the new Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen, has to approve all the state plans. At present, no plans have been approved, and it seems that South Australia, who need… Continue

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Shock horror probe ...

We have finally finished the house and it is on the market.

The Home Report we needed to purchase as part of the sale gave the house a clean bill of health and gave us a valuation on the property, lower than we'd hoped but hey ho we'll use that as the lowest figure we'll accept.

We've got quotes for shipping the cats across, scary stuff, it's going to cost…

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It's all so confusing.

Dear all,

I'm starting to write a series of blogs in the hope that you guys can answer some of the many unanswered questions I have regarding moving my family to WA. Also I'm hoping that the blogs will allow me to reflect on this journey whilst at the same time help others in a similar situation.

As I write, all family members have agreed to the move. My husband David is a mechanical engineer with vast experience in heavy industry. I currently work as a college…


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New Australian PM backs skilled migration

Good quote from the new Prime Minister of Australia, Karen Gillard

"I don't want business to be held back because they couldn't find the right workers... That's why skilled migration is so important.

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Follow the link for new list, this time next week we will know how it will be implemented

The official version of the new SOL is here:


Schedule 1 is the current SOL using ANZSCO, and Schedule 2 is for

overseas students

Schedule 3 is the new SOL for overseas applicants (page 29), and

Schedule 4 (page 37) is the list of… Continue

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Australian Government announce new skilled list

The new skilled migration list has been published here -

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Raise a Toast!

For a fun day out filled with the finest Antipodean food, wine, polo,

live music and entertainment, you won't want to miss the Toast New

Zealand event in London on 12 June 2010. An international friendly

polo match will kick off the day’s festivities, which will then be

followed by a 'fashions on the field' competition where the best

dressed couple and group will be welcomed on to the main stage to meet

and greet their favourite sport and music celebrities.… Continue

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Australia still needs "tens of thousands of people"

Several trade bodies in Australia have reacted to the announcement today by Chris Evans, Immigration Minister, that there will be significant changes to the governments skilled migration programme in the year ahead.

The Chief Executive of the Australian Mines and Metals Association, Steve Knott, says there is a massive shortfall of mechanical and electrical staff - and chefs.

"The boom in the resources sector, particularly in the North West of Western Australia, has been… Continue

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Tell us your story about moving to Victoria

Do you have clients, friends, family or other contacts that have made the move to Victoria, Australia? The website is running a competition for migrants who have moved to Victoria and are willing to share their story.

Prizes include:

· 1st prize - a night’s accommodation for two at the Sofitel Hotel Melbourne, including breakfast for two at Café La to the value of AUS$400.

· 2nd prize - a digital camera to the value of AUS$300.

· 3rd prize - a day… Continue

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Changes to New Zealand Business migrant scheme

The New Zealand government has just announced a radical overhaul of the current business migrant scheme.

In an attempt to boost economic performance by making New Zealand more attractive for business and entrepreneurial migrants, a number of important changes will be made to the existing scheme by November 2009.

"For investor migrants the previously existing three categories are streamlined to two, with more realistic requirements for capital, language skills and time… Continue

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Priority changes to Australian skilled migration visas

Hi everyone,

Many of you will no doubt be aware of the changes to the processing times for skilled migration visas.

Read our coverage here -, but if anyone has been affected under the new rules, let us know.


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Looking for contributions for the magazine

Hi everyone,

We're looking for your help with holiday stories about Victoria, Australia. We will feature a selection of the best stories in a forthcoming issue of Australia & New Zealand magazine, so if you are interested, get in touch!
It could be anywhere in Victoria - Melbourne, Great Ocean Road, Gippsland or the Otway Ranges.

If you are interested then send your entry, together with a photo of yourself in Victoria to -

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Australia & New Zealand magazine to launch in Ireland.

The UK’s number one magazine for Down Under – Australia & New Zealand – is set to launch in Ireland in October.

The magazine, which has won a number of awards from UK industry body the PPA, already serves the audience of travellers and migrants to Australasia from the UK, and is now looking to cater for the thousands of Irish people making the trip down under.

It is estimated that just under 10% of the population of Australia claim Irish descent, (around 1.8 million) with over… Continue

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Visa processing times

Apparently, despite a stern talking-to from the Australian government earlier this year, applications times for the processing of State and Territory sponsorships are increasing significantly.

The Australian government is keen to encourage the ststes to participate more fully in the skilled migration programme - so much so that Australia's Immigration Minister has directed that skilled visa applications that are sponsored by a State or Territory shall be processed as a priority over… Continue

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Australian visa application fees increase by 20%

The Australian government have just announced that the skilled migration visa application fee will increase by 20% as of the 1st July 2009.

As a result, the skilled migration application fee will stand at AU$2,525 from 1 July 2009; a full AU$420 increase from the previous fee. With this in place, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) is estimated to pull in an extra $402.3 million over the next four years.

A full list of changes is available by downloading… Continue

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New places to go In Sydney

Anyone got any more ?

Cutler & Co. 55–57 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy: Located in an old metal work factory, Cutler & Co’s interior harmoniously mixes layers old with new. Food that rewards in its balance and purity of flavour, slick service and a well-chosen wine list make this deservedly one of Melbourne's dining gems. The black metal bar next-door complements the restaurant with a full bar selection.

Newtown Workers Club 51… Continue

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