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10 Cleaning Tips Australian Women Swear By

Cleaning can be such drudgery, especially if you don’t do it efficiently and in a timely manner. However, this isn’t the case with Australian housewives who do their spring cleaning effortlessly. Luckily, they’ve decided to share their cleaning secrets with the rest of us who struggle with this endeavour. Here’s how you can clean your home the Australian way.

Treat your cutting boards with care

What Aussie housewives know is that it takes more than a dish soap to clean those greasy cutting boards. Instead of giving them a quick brush, soak them in a bleach solution to make sure that there are no germs left. Otherwise, you risk contaminating your food with the hidden remains of your previous meal.

Tend to your rubber gloves

If you are using rubber gloves to protect your hands from germs and chemicals on the outside, you should also keep them safe on the inside. The moisture inside the gloves is suitable for bacteria that can cause serious skin reactions. Aussie housewives advise soaking them in hot water and adding detergent and two teaspoons of vinegar to get rid of germs. After 15 minutes, rinse them out and leave them to dry.

Be careful with carpet stains

Aussie women know better than to scrub a carpet stain – scrubbing will just spread it all over the carpet, and the stain particles will just get ground into it. Instead, try scooping as much of the spill as possible with a towel or a spoon, and then blot the spot. Afterwards, apply warm water to the stain, and continue blotting it until you get it out.

Know the dangers of rugs and carpets

Area rugs and carpets are home to allergens, dirt and other harmful substances, which is why Australian women treat their carpets with extra care. To eradicate the dust mites and other hazards from your carpets and rugs, take them outside and give them a good shake. Afterwards, clean them meticulously to make sure they are free of hazards.

Clean your sheets more often

Another haven for dust mites and other allergens are your bedsheets, which is why you need to clean them on a regular basis, even more so if snacking in bed is a habit of yours. Australian housewives who love having breakfast in bed wash their sheets every three days to make sure they are clean and soft.

Freeze your kids’ toys

Aussie women have shared with us an unusual, but extremely efficient trick that will help you remove dust mites from your children’s toys. Place soft toys in plastic bags and let them freeze for 12 hours. Afterwards, let them thaw naturally, and then return them to your kids mite-free.

Tame pet hair

Australian housewives who have pets are familiar with a cleaning nightmare pet hair tends to create. However, they also know how to fight it and prevent it from spreading throughout the house. Brush your pets regularly to catch the shedding hair before it’s too late. However, since you can’t completely stop your pets from shedding, you can collect hair with moist rubber gloves – just run them over your furniture.

Don’t go too heavy on the laundry detergent

Although you might think that adding a bit extra laundry detergent will make your clothes more fragrant, it will actually trap smells in fabric causing armpit odour. Australian housewives avoid using too much laundry detergent because foam build-ups can cause a suction problem that can lead to a motor breakdown.  

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Australian women don’t hesitate to ask for help when they need it, or even if they don’t need it, but simply want to spend more time with their families. When they don’t feel like cleaning, or when they have other plans in mind, they seek help from the experts for cleaning services in Sydney. Every once in a while, they let someone else do their job, and enjoy some quality time with their families.

Instead of stressing about cleaning, take advice from Australian housewives and adopt their relaxed Aussie vibe. Without investing too much effort or time, you’ll have a spotlessly clean home before you know it.

Don’t wait until it’s too late

What Aussie housewives never do is leave mess and clutter around the house because they know it won’t make their job any easier. Instead of postponing house cleaning until the last minute, they clean their houses regularly in order to keep clutter under control. This way, they don’t have to spend an entire day or even more on cleaning.


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