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10 Things you'll love about Western Australia

Western Australia is huge. About the size of India, and it covers approximately one third of Australia.

To tell you the truth, I wasn't sure about coming here to begin with. Bill Bryson had written in one of his books that Perth was the most remote city in the world, and apparently it's the only one clearly visible from space too. I felt that we would be heading for the back of beyond, never to escape, and why of why weren't we heading for Melbourne or Sydney or Brisbane instead?

I thought they had more to offer, and I would be happier over East. I thought that The Bridge (Sydney Harbour), The Rock (Uluru) and the Reef (Great Barrier) were the only must-see tourist attractions. I thought that I wanted to be near a big city.

How wrong I was.

There is so much to see and do in Western Australia (so much of it still undiscovered), especially if you like the outdoor lifestyle, and now that I've been here for nearly four years, I've come to love everything that this amazing State has to offer.

10 Things about Western Australia that we really love - in no particular order.

  1. The amazing, often deserted sandy beaches
  2. The wide open spaces of the Outback and the awe-inspiring gorges and waterfalls of The Kimberly Region in the North West.
  3. The vineyards and wine estates around the Margaret River region in the South West
  4. The high ranges and bush walks in pristine scenery around Albany in the South.
  5. Gas barbecues provided free by the councils at many beaches and parks (you fire them up, cook, and clean up after yourself - and the gas and the barbecues are free for all to enjoy)
  6. I love the forests, beaches, micro breweries and galleries to visit around Cape Naturaliste and Yallingup and Dunsborough.
  7. I always hanker after doing road trips in WA. You can expect few cars and long straight roads (most of the time). Expect huge road trains chugging north. Expect forested roads and beaches going south. One of our favourite road trips is from Bunbury to Augusta in the south west.
  8. The small towns of the South West each have a unique flavour; Nannup in springtime when the tulips are out is gorgeous. Balingup and Bridgetown are also quaint. Don't get me started on Pemberton!
  9. Perth is a city, but in many respects it feels like a regional town. I love the fact that it's easy to navigate, that the inner city buses are free, that there's a beautiful park on top of Mount Eliza (the famous King's Park), that there are other parks and cycle rides and stunning walks all along the Swan River. I love the old buildings in the city centre and the how the modern skyscrapers mingle with the old architecture as if they were always meant to be.
  10. I love the relaxed lifestyle. It really is all about the beach and the barbie at weekends, or getting out in a boat, or on your bicycle or just walking the many designated trails that are scattered throughout the state.

Are you heading for Western Australia? Do you have any concerns or questions about where to live and places to visit?

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