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5 Best Outdoor Adventures in Australia

When it comes to topography, biosphere and urban areas, Australia counts as one of the most vibrant and diverse places on the planet. To each adventurist, it is a playground of endless delights that can never be exhausted. If you are an escapist who wants to soak up the best of what the Land Down Under has to offer, here are the five best outdoor adventures in Australia.

1. Kakadu National Park trek

If you truly want to get lost in the Australian wilderness, head to the Northern Territory and explore Kakadu National Park. This renowned territory is rich in Aboriginal cultural heritage and the expansive landscape is brimming with incredible landmarks, wondrous stories and ancient legends. The vistas are incredible and versatile – endless plains give way to spectacular swamps, waterfalls and gorges. The scenery is so rich yet enormous, it makes the heart of every true adventurist flutter. You can spend weeks out camping as you uncover the mysteries of the antique culture.

2. Kangaroo Island dolphins

The wildlife of Australia can be quite friendly, and it is an especially unforgettable thrill to get close and personal with some of the amazing aquatic creatures of the Land Down Under. If your restless spirit ever brings you to the southern portion of the continent, do not miss out on a session of swimming with bottle-nosed dolphins at Kingscote, Kangaroo Island. You can take tours on a daily basis, so there is no pressure for time, and it’s a truly thrilling venture to embark on.

3. Great Barrier Reef cruise

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral formation in the world. This slice of natural wonder is so gargantuan that it can be noticed from space, so do not waste your precious time and check out the dates and offers for last minute cruises to the Great Barrier Reef and enjoy a laid-back Aussie cruise adventure for the ages. The bright turquoise hues and colorful corals will stay scorched into your mind for the rest of your life.

4. Phillip Island penguins

Have a nice Melbourne experience coupled with an adorable voyage to Phillip Island. In fact, the lauded penguins of Phillip Island’s Summerland Beach are not the only wildlife you can observe on this adventure – the tour (which goes from Melbourne to the Island and visits several hotspots along the way) can include the visit to Maru Koala and Animal Park, where you can enjoy observing fuzzy and gentle koalas in their natural habitat. You will get a chance to take pictures of kangaroos and Tasmanian devils too.

5. Tasmania rafting

Now that we have mentioned Tasmanian devils, we should probably discuss the hallmark of every deluxe outdoor Australian adventure – a visit to Tasmania, the wondrous and rather big island off the coast of the Australian continent. The natural landscapes and the biosphere of this region are positively stunning, and if you want to have a complete adventure filled with blood-pumping action, opt for White Water Rafting on the Franklin River. The fast and furious ride along the rapids of Franklin River through the untamed Tasmanian wilderness is surely an experience that will satiate every adventure-thirsting enthusiast.

If you ever get a chance to visit Australia, it would be such a waste if you spent your time indoors – though beautiful hotels, historical buildings and museums do have a lot to offer. As an adventurist, the need for endless landscapes filled with jaw-dropping beauties will surely be satisfied in the Land Down Under.

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