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5 Things You Need to Plan before You Move

Moving to another city can be a stressful and difficult period. Breaking your routine and everything you’ve gotten used to, only to start all over, is never easy. However, moving to another country, especially when that country is halfway across the globe like Australia, is a whole new level of difficult.

Not just because you need a ton of paperwork, planning and organization, but also because you're changing your environment and moving to a country with a new set of customs, rules, language and culture. Still, these things are only as difficult as you want them to be. Moving away and having a fresh start is something many people look forward too. Here are a few things you need to plan out before you move to a country like Australia.

Australia is expensive

The costs of living should be on top of the concerns list for any person moving to Australia. That being said, Australia has high standards and high prices as well. Here's an example: Let's take a family with two kids, two cars and two pets living in a 4 bedroom, 2/3 bath house not far from a city's downtown.

  • Mortgage - $23,000 ($330,000 mortgage)
  • Council rates - $1400
  • Utility bills - $2750
  • Home insurance - $550 out of $330,000 mortgage cover
  • Home contents insurance - $360 out of $89,000 mortgage cover
  • TV, Phone, Internet - $1000

That would be an average of $30,000 annually or $560 per week AUD. However, you must also include the cost of schooling your kids, eating or drinking out, groceries and other necessities.

Get insurance

Pretty much as same as living anywhere else, you need insurance in case something bad happens. However, Australia is a unique continent with various new things you need to look out for. Health insurance is a must – Australian weather is extremely hot and temperatures vary around 40 degrees Celsius during summer. If you can't handle the heat well, you can easily get a sunstroke.

Also, you should have car insurance, especially if you decide to drive in the rural areas. Kangaroos the local bouncing marsupials are considered a menace in Australia and they oftentimes tend to jump into traffic. No one is going to blame you for smacking one with your car, but you'll need insurance to cover the damages.

Find a lawyer

Applying for a visa to work or live in Australia is a challenging process. Moreover, the Australian government has made some changes to their immigration and visa policy. Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) will be removed and it will be replaced with new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa consisting of two streams. If you're about to apply for a visa or if you're in the process of obtaining a 457 visa, you should familiarize yourself with the changes.

Only those who already have a 457 visa won't be affected by the changes. You should consult with experienced Sydney lawyers to determine how these changes will affect you. Furthermore, a lawyer will help you gather all the necessary documentation and help you familiarize yourself with rules and regulations required to move to Australia.

Set up a logistics plan

Moving to Australia will probably require for you to move your personal things and home contents. That's why you need to get quotes from moving companies to help you transport these things. Typically, a three-bedroom house contents may fit into a 30-foot container. If you have more stuff, there is a 40-foot container or shared containers if you want to cut costs.

Just remember to start transporting items a week before you depart to Australia, so that it can arrive two or three weeks after you arrive. That way you have two to three weeks to find a suitable home and your items get two weeks of free storage included in the moving quote.

Prepare for bad internet

Internet access is sluggish and expensive in Australia. This may be one of the most important factors for many people when moving there, especially if you're picky about maintaining your online presence. Furthermore, Wi-Fi is a luxury and there are no free hotspots except for McDonald’s and public libraries.

In addition, not all phone service and ISPs work outside urban areas, only Optus and Telstra have coverage in rural areas, while other SIM cards will be useless. However, Telstra may cost you $50 per amount based on the amount of data you need.

Moving to Australia can be quite demanding and challenging process. Make sure you understand everything you need to know before you set out. However, Australia is a great country with many new opportunities, which makes all the difficulties well worth it in the end.

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