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My husband and I and our 3 children and eager to find a healthier balance between work and family. We currently run our own plumbing and heating business and have done successfuly for almost 4 years but it has come at a cost - long hours, stress, and a lot lot lot of hard work leaving us drained and wondering is this all our life can offer!!!


Having been to the EXPO in Hammersmith we would like to give oz a go and begin our migration to sunny skies and pastures new and regain my family balance - our children are very young and would adapt just fine Lilly-Ella almost 5 and Toby 3 and Isla almost 3mths.....


WHERE DO I START is the next thing ..... HELP!!! Its baffeling,


We have been told to work in Australia, It’s a requirement that trades people have attained the required GAP between their country of origin, and Australia, and are granted the appropriate trade licence.


The course has been developed to enable the candidates to arrive in Australia with the AS/NZ3500 knowledge required to work successfully within the industry, thus making yourself more attractive to potential employers/sponsors.


Some help, opinions or answers to some questions would be really helpfull

  1.  If we tried for sponsorship where can I go to find potential employers....... I think and feel this would be our easiest quickest route and possibly mae visa applications easier??
  2.  What part of Austrailia would be better for us, Ive researched a little and fele maybe Melbourne or Adelaide?  
  3. I obviously need good schooling for my chldren and would want to know where I could research info on this
  4. House Rentals? Where to go websites etc? Whats reasonable rental in AUD/GBP for 3 bed property?
  5. Driving Licence is the UK valid over there?
  6. Health Care obviously we have a NHS service is it the same or how does it work in oz?

Please help me I need to know where to start and some suggestion and answers would really help me right now

Thank you - Kelly (A mum who wants better for her family)

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Comment by david simpson on July 20, 2011 at 18:46
Hi Kelly , its advisable to go for a holiday first , it will be expensive but if you find its not for you it will save you a fortune later on . We used an agent [Overseas Emigration ] in Edinburgh its expensive but they will advise you on which visa to go for and sort it all out . With 3 kids and a business to run you will be busy enough as it is . We are off to NZ , have you considered that [cheaper property ] . Have a look at  this is where we are going . All else i can advise is to research as much as you can , good luck from the Simpsons.
Comment by Kelly Harris on July 19, 2011 at 12:46

Any one heard of Migration Matters has anyone used there services? do you think its worth usung their services?


Comment by Kelly Harris on July 19, 2011 at 9:28
Thank You Paul - Very helpfull start to my brainstorming lol
Comment by Paul Johnson on July 19, 2011 at 1:39

Hi Kelly,


Re Questions 5 & 6: UK licences are valid for three months, then you have to get an Aussie one.  In WA, you just go along to the licencing centre, pay the fee and that's it, they send you your new licence in the post.

Regards medical care, there is a subsidised system called Medicare, but you still have to pay a proportion of the costs.  Most people take out some level of private medical cover; there are loads of providers and it pays to shop around.  Google HBF, MBF etc.


Hope this helps.



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