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Hi all, bit of advice please from anyone who has had experience in either of these matters.   We have our 176 visa and will be setting off to Brisbane in Sept 11 to start our new lives.  


  • Firstly, should my hubby who is a builder wait until we arrive and then turn up on a site for work opportunities or would he be in a better position and perhaps obtain a job other than bricklaying if he sends off his CV to companies whilst still in UK?
  • Secondly, with opening an Australian Bank account online before leaving, would we transfer GPB into the account and then would we acquire the exchange rate at the time of transfer. This area of transferring monies and exchanging at good times is a somewhat confusing to me !!!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Comment by Paul Johnson on May 18, 2011 at 5:51

Hi Jennifer,


Are there not recruitment agencies for builders etc.?  Might be an idea to scope that out and make some enquiries in advance.

With regards transferring money, I advise you to look into getting a money broker to do it; it will be a better rate than your bank and won't cost you much if anything.

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