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Just a quick note to let you all know ...... we have accepted an offer on the house, only slightly under our ideal acceptable price. Potential entry date 26th November, but we've asked for an extra 2 weeks but we might not get that.

So now the panic begins .... Cat quarantine and travel .... have a whisky ... container .... have a whisky ... flights .... have another whisky ... crash at someone's place.

I still need to hand in my notice but don't really want to do that until we're 100% certain that it's a done deal and the missives are signed, so depending on what we do with that we might be out sooner or later but we'll be out in Oz by end of January at the very latest.

As mentioned before we're heading into Sydney first for the container and cat quarantine, there's a possibility of a job in Sydney for when I arrive but not relying on it so we may end up applying for jobs all over the shop and moving wherever. But if anyone has or knows of a job for an IT bod capable of developing software and administrating Microsoft servers etc let me know ...

Travel wise we have 2 options, fly business class on Emirates and get 40kg each or fly economy on SingaporeAir with 25kg each and spend 3 nights in Singapore.

Need to go for a lie down with a wee whisky to relieve the stress.

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