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Off and on; I have bought the magazine AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND. I have been to OZ a few times and love the place. I always notice that the people that are expats to OZ (in the magazine), are always married and/or have kids. I just want to know if there are any American expats that are SINGLE like me that have been able to move to Australia. It seems to be that Australia is more apt to allow families than single people.

US single people are not that bad...LOL :) We don't bite ...well..not all of us.. LOL

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Comment by Michael J Kelly on June 1, 2010 at 9:18
Hi again Nicholas,
Oz does not discriminate in any way, it's one of the most culturally diverse countries you could visit, as you probably saw when you were here? Nor do they discriminate between married and single.
The magazines target market is mainly the UK and it just so happens that the majority of people emigrating are families, looking for a better quality of life.
A lot of single people under 31 use the 12 month working holiday visa, this does not need too much planning or expense. I think being relatively free, they just wing it and decide what to do later when they feel like settling down.
Americans are welcome, we have met a few here and they didn't bite either! I think the majority of Americans never travel outside the USA, but it is a big country with much to see and do.

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