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Anyone know once you get a visa how long do you have timewise before you have to actually emigrate?

I think what I'm trying to ask is this: If you successfully get a visa, how long is it valid before you have to emigrate - 3 weeks, 3 months, what? I'm assuming you don't get a visa and then you have to drop everything and move immediately in like that week. Anyone know?

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Comment by Kay Lyness on November 5, 2009 at 22:04
Thanks all - very helpful comments. We knew we would have to get a migration agent to help us sort everything out but never realised how complex it all is. No wonder an agent is highly recommended. I best start saving my cash now.
Comment by Christopher McGrath on November 5, 2009 at 20:14
The approval letter from DIAC will give an exact date you must arrive in Australia by. Jim is correct is that this date will be about 12 months from whichever of the medical or penal certs are 12 months old as each are valis for 12 months. DIAC will rarelly extent the due entry date so get here before then. You wil have a 5 year re-entrt visa so can go back to sort things out, or whatever, if needed.
Comment by Jim Gordon Registered Migration Agent on October 30, 2009 at 0:56
Hi Guys, all the well intended advice above is incorrect.

Key words...Visa Validation and Visa Grant

Validation of a visa grant can depend on:-

1. Visa type ....far too many variations to mention here even if you narrow it down to permanet GSM !

2. The date you had your medical, if required to do so in the application process.
Medicals are valid for one year.and time runs down just like an egg timer!

This could be 9 months in one appliaction but 6 or 3 in another!

3. The date of your penal clearence certificate (Police Check) can be a factor..

There is no direct quick answer to your question.

But you have a period of time (different in all applications ie. because of medical date...GSM ) to Validate a Visa Grant.

When you have Validated (passed through Immigration in Australia) with your entry validation stamp in your passport.

Then, if you have a multiple entry visa you can leave and return as many times as you like until the visa expires! (ie could be 5 years).

If it is a permanent GSM visa and it expires whilst you are out of Australia, you have to apply for RRV (Returnig Resident Visa). .

Most people have secured Citizenship by that time and do not need a RRV.

Welcome to the maze of Australian Migration on a path of shifting sands!

Australian Migration is not a 'One Size' fits all proceedure.

Be very careful when acting on well intended inaccurate could cost you a lot of money in a lost application fee.

Sorry for intervening but Migration is a life changing experience....take it from someone who done it years ago and now assists many other's to secure their dream!
Comment by Kay Lyness on October 26, 2009 at 20:53
Thanks all. We would be hoping to apply for a permanent visa (skills visa) if we have enough points. But its good to know that you are not expected to start packing as soon as you get your visa through. Gives folks more time to sort things out like sell house, find jobs etc. I certainly wouldn't go if I didn't have an actual job to go to - else how would you support yourself. It also means we can consider applying now and not wait.
Comment by Stephanie Bennett on October 26, 2009 at 19:54
You have to activate a permanent visa within 9months of its date, so you'll need to get all your families visas stamped. You then have 5 years to actually move over there.

Comment by John on October 26, 2009 at 17:12
Hi Kay,

The visa validity depends on the type of visa. A travel visa for instance is just valid for 12 months, A skilled visa however, can be valid up to 5 years before you move.

Which class of visa are you applying for ?

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