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Does anybody know if there is in existence a league table of schools in say Adelaide or Melborne carried out by independent government inspectors, similar to those available in the UK


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Comment by BJ on February 27, 2009 at 11:56
Hi Dave,
Tried to dadd this comment to your other discussion, with no luck.
Actually Adelaide can get hot in summer and is probably no cooler than Perth.
Melbourne is probably milder and more changeable, but does experience it's hot days.
My eldest boy was at a state grammer school in the UK and I have to say once we came here we relaxed a little about education.
No Ofsted here.
Here education seems to be about instilling a can do attitude and giving children confidence rather than constantly focussing on league tables and stats.
It is a lot easier to get out there and do something with your life here, still the land of opportunity!
Let me put it this way, if they are living here they will be competing with kids who are being educated in the same system and are likely to do very well.
Their education is about more than a bunch of stats on a piece of paper.

Both Melbourne and Adelaide have some of the top unis in Australia.
Year 12 results are published each year but not in the same way as they are in the UK and usually in local newspapers.
here are some stats for Melbourne schools, a bit outdated but the trends tend to duplicate year on year.
This is another great link for
Melbourne schools
Good book.
Link for more info SA.
You will find is that housing in the areas close to the top schools will be more expensive as lots of people like you and I want to live there :).

Yes Sydney and Perth are more expensive for property.
Adelaide is the cheapest of the four cities you mention.

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