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Can you convert a v175 application to v176 ??

We submitted our 175 visa in February 2009

In March we found out we were on the CSL list, phew !

However, big silence ever since..... 7 months and counting.

We were thinking of converting this to a 176 state sponsored visa thinking the processing time will be less

Does anyone know:

1. Is it easy to use the same information for 176 as 175 and convert ?

2. Is it worth doing now we are 7 months into "the wait" ?


2. If successful with a 176 application, do the 12 months validation and 5 year "use or lose" rules, still apply ?

Would be greatful for any advice & help with this, as its driving me nut !

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Comment by Ken Fayers on September 3, 2009 at 21:25
While waiting for my 175 visa to come through I made enquiries about converting to 176 visa (I was worried my occupation might get taken off the CSL list with the beginning of the new Australian Fiscal year on 1st July). Apparently it's very straightforward. You can apply for and (assuming you obtain it) that state sponsorship can then be attached to your existing application, automatically converting it to a 176 without you needing to make a whole new application. The advice came from a representative of South Australia at the Australia Needs Skills Expo in June 2009.
Comment by John Talbot on August 25, 2009 at 11:28
The day after my last blog, we got a case officer.... as if by magic !

If it helps anybody...that's beginning of Feb 09 to mid-August 09...7.5 months

That's a 175 with a CSL listing, so anybody with a 176 should be much shorter still ?

So be patient and hang on in

Joys of character test and police certificates to come.... fingers crossed

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