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Dependant StepChildren and Vias application

Hi, i've just signed up to GMDU and was prompted to write as the advice available from the network seems so professional. I hope someone might have a little insight they could share with me.

Situation: We are planning to emigrate in autumn on a ES47 Visa. The QLD Health has offered my wife a position which we have accepted. The problem is that i have a daughter from a previous marriage age 15 ( 16 next month ) and as you can guess her natural mother is a bit gutted as my daughter wants to emigrate with us.
The Visa application states we need to include a copy of the court declaration regarding the childs status or a statutory declaration that the child is free to emigrate. We do not have any court order as everything was areed mutually and we have always lived in very close proximity less than 2 KM from each other since our divorce / separation 12 years ago.

Can anyone advise what the position will as we have no judgement or care order and if my ex is not willing to allow my daughter to leave the UK?

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Comment by Christopher McGrath on April 23, 2009 at 9:58
Hi Steve
If you can get a signed letter from the the child's father saying he agrees with the child migrating, that will be enough.

Chris McGrath
Australian Migration Lawyer

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