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Did you know you can sponsor yourself to work in Oz?

Its true! Changes were made to the Australian Migration Law last year, and now its possible to sponsor yourself.

Its not easy though, and its not a common way to get here, but if you've run out of all other options, flick me an email and we'll give you information and/or help you go through the process.

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Comment by Julie Guest on January 29, 2014 at 2:24

Hi Anthony, its part of the a new government initiative, which allows people with the skills to start up a business either inside or outside of Australia and then sponsor themselves for a position in that business under the 457 scheme.  There's a few complexities though, e.g. it has to be a company, not a sole trader; the position you occupy must be on the CSOL or SOL list (skills occupation lists).  You get a 12 month visa initially, then as long as the business is going well, you can get a further 4 years which leads to a permanent residency. Its certainly very doable. Jase, our Migration Consultant, has done quite a few successfully now.  If you want further info you can email me at  I don't always check this site, sorry about the late response Anthony.

Kind regards,


Comment by Anthony Bushell on January 22, 2014 at 19:53

Hi julie just read your post about sponsoring yourself to be able to emigrate to australia i would be very interested  in learning more about this and how you go about it thanks Anthony

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