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My goal in life since 2004 has been to live and work in Australia. In the past; it would have been difficult for me to leave my current job, but now certain things have made it possible for me to change jobs in early 2010. I am going to be in Sydney and Brisbane for New Years. 2 weeks of fun, vacation, and relaxation. It seems to be that I am cursed in the financial department. I feel cursed for some reason. I am trying to get an online home based business going, but everything I have tried always have not worked out; and I tend to lose money. My goal and dream is to be able to make a very good income online, and to be able to move to Australia and live there for a year and then get settled back here in the states in Las vegas. I just think Australia has the atmosphere that would be emotionally and socially beneficial to me. I am going to be 35 on November 6th - and would love to be in Australia before my next Birthday. A job, a place to live, and some extra money would truly help.

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