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Not only is the value of the house lower than we had hoped but also the £/$ exchange rate is now under $2.

We could afford to take a loss on one or the other but not both.

It's unlikely that we'll be making a move til February anyway in relation to putting the house on the market so hopefully things will have picked up by then.

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Comment by John on August 20, 2009 at 17:13

I noticed that the magazine page isn't used that much so you'd be as well sending me a message via here and I'll send you a link to my Faceache page.
Comment by John on August 19, 2009 at 10:21
Hi Lesley,

I'll keep that company in mind for moving the money. When we did our trip across in April we just used NAB , but will use a proper finance company to move the (hopefully) large sum.

We have family support networks in Sydney and Brisbane, but it really depends on an IT job for me, we both loved Toowoomba so a job/house out there would be ideal. Easy travel to Brissie, and a wee airport too.

I am on Facebook, if you look in the magazine group on there you can add me.

Looking out the window at the pouring rain in Glasgow I too wish I could swap it for a view out over Brisbane.
Comment by Lesley Jennings on August 19, 2009 at 9:51
Hi John we are having the exact same problems. The house prices are lower - we have just had an offer on ours but the prospective buyer has a house to sell so not really excited yet. Have another viewer tomorrow. The Aussie $ has been just over $2 to the £1 but it keeps dipping down quite low! We went to Oz in 2007 and it was $2.51 to the £1 a bit of a difference when changing up a large amount of money. We have been using a company called Halo Financial and we have sent a small amount to an account in Oz already. The interest rate is much higher there so at least we can get some interest on our money! We hope to be able to go by Jan/Feb too, where are you going? We are going to Melbourne. Are you on Facebook? There are quite a few on there we have made friends with, one couple flew out to Perth on Monday this week and we have a few other couples there we have met through Poms in Oz and Facebook, etc. Just wish we were there!

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