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Right, this may sound like a really daft question but I would like clarification on the electrical voltages in Oz.

Looking on line, I get the faint suspicion that I might be able to use my UK sourced electrical items in Australia, as the voltage is the same as the UK & all I would need to do is to swap the plug over to an Ozzy style

Is this assumption correct ? Or do I have to accept the fact that the washing machine, tumble dryer, HiFi etc will have to go on ebay & I'll buy new, down under !

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Comment by Le Loup on March 25, 2009 at 4:37
Seems like a lot of big stuff to bring with you, but yes, it is 240 volt here, same as UK. You just need to change the 3 point plugs to fit.
Regards, Keith.
Comment by Vicky Gray on March 20, 2009 at 1:58
Hi Dave,

Yep, migrationangel is quite right, the electrical voltage is the same in Oz, which is very handy.

One thing I strongly suggest though, is to definitly bring over your tumble dryer. I foolishly gave mine away before I emigrated, thinking I was in for sun-filled-days-a-plenty. It's true almost everyday has a blue sky... but as I live in sub-tropical Queensland, we also have days upon days of torrential downpours - which becomes a little tiresome when the washing basket starts overflowing...
I soon bought a new tumble dryer... which was considerably more expensive than my previous one AND it didn't even have one of those extraction-hose-thingys (as they were a fortune) and I now have an extremely steamy laundry room and very curly hair....

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