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Been a bit hectic over the last few weeks but we thought we'd do one last wee update.

Well, the house sale went through without too many problems. The people behind our buyers were playing silly buggers which meant we had to put a deadline on the conclusions so we could give Crown a definite date to pack up the house, any more delay would have meant we couldn't meet the entry date. Eventually they came through with the signed documents and Crown were all booked up and paid.

The day Crown were meant to arrive coincided with about 2 feet of snow across the central belt of Scotland ... deep joy ... Crown made it down at 10:30 but had to leave at 2 due to seriously bad road conditions in/around Livingston and the M8 motorway. Yes, we had picked the relocation company smack bang in the middle of the heaviest snowfall of the year. It took the 3 guys til 2am to from us in Ayrshire to Livingston, a journey you could normally do in just over an hour. Scotlands main motorway between Glasgow and Edinburgh was a solid block of ice for 3 days as the gritters didn't get out quick enough to salt it, and by the time they did manage to get out the temperature was too low for the salt to work. The Scottish Transport Minister fell upon his sword over the problems, curiously the Tory minister in the UK Parliament has been shown to be even more incompetent than our bloke but he's still in a job.

The guys did get back down on the Wednesday and the now 4 guys had packed all our worldy goods by 3pm that afternoon and the house was empty other than a mattress and a couple of wee chairs. Thursday and early Friday were spent manically clearing the last of the junk for the dump and transporting to our temporary accommodation.We had to vacate our property by 12:00pm, but a phone call from our lawyer at 10:30 put fear of the wee man into us ... the people behind our buyers in the chain had screwed up yet again and our buyers hadn't been paid and we wouldn't be paid til that was sorted. After a couple hours of panic we got the call to say our money was through and our lovely house now belonged to someone else.

So, here we are three weeks later, most of the crappy we things have been sorted out, mail redirection, address changes, clearing our feet of stuff to get rid of.

We've been into Glasgow and booked our flights.

End of Jan Glasgow to Singapore

4 nights in Singapore to relieve some of the stress

Then Singapore to Sydney

After that comes the extremely hard jobs of getting an Aussie accent, learning about cricket, remembering that when a sports team is called the Pies it has nothing to do with delicious meat filled pastry parcels (mmmm ... pies) and getting some colour on our skin so that we don't cause road accidents with the sun reflecting off our peely wally arms, legs, and in my case, baldy napper.

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Comment by Adele McCarthy on January 3, 2011 at 16:54

Phew, sounds like it's been a bit hectic.  Still, all done now and you can just look forward to your new life Down Under (you lucky lucky things).  Hope it all goes well, and hope to get an update once you're all sorted there.

Enjoy Singapore!   All the very best.

Comment by John on January 3, 2011 at 13:23
Nearly there then !! Bet you won't miss the snow!

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