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Entry level mining offers for UK applicants, real or false?

Hi, I like many are going through a long and stressful application to migrate to the greatest country on Earth!


I have seen many adverts/Google posts regarding mining in WA and that entry level positions may be available?


Also the email I received from Australia and New Zealand Magazine which was headed "ow you can join the mining boom in Australia - with no experience..""

Is this true?? Can anyone help me with this?

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Comment by Matthew Stanley on July 27, 2012 at 12:36
thanks John, im getting frustrated now as the the company who my application is with global visas have taken over 3 years and still nothing, I was told I qualified for a skilled visa for cooking but nothing
Comment by John on July 13, 2012 at 12:43

Hi Matthew,

The news peiece we ran made the point that if you want a job in the mining sector in Australia, you can get them : however you need to be @in-country@ first.

Nevertheless starting work as a cleaner, bar tender, or other support role, can be one of the best ways for inexperienced applicants to get a foot in the door.Once on the inside, moving around within a company and the industry is much easier.With more and more work up for offer some jobseekers are taking this advice and scoring work.

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