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Haven't been on the site for a few months because we been so busy with all our emigration plans...we are starting our adventure in 11 days, staying in Dubai for 5 days then heading for Brisbane. We have been fortunate to find a rental next door to our friends who emigrated 5 years ago, next door - give or take an acre !...the consultant I worked for in UK has also just emigrated to same area (Ipswich) which could hopefully open up an avenue for me.

As you no doubt can tell, we are very excited for our new's taken 5 years since contacting our agent, probably spent £18000 inc visas, agents, flights, 3 mths rental, shipping etc, lots of set backs on the way, 2 sets of medicals, 2 sets of police checks...because first lot expired...however, would we do it all again??..I'm sure we would and hope it all proves to be worth it!

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Comment by jennifer salter on December 13, 2011 at 11:17
Brickies and builders beware...very little work around Brisbane area! Whole load of construction going on but unless you hold a host of licences, which are costly, good old brickies and city n guilds builders dont stand a chance. I know this because hubby having same problem. Im in medical admin and 7 jobs for me to every 1 for hubby. They didnt take my skills into consideration for visa which seems strange given employment market! Do you reserch before leaving and try to secure position prior to emigrating
Comment by david simpson on September 9, 2011 at 22:16

Hope it all goes well and good luck;-)  We are just waiting to sell our house and then we can set a date to got to NZ. Hope it comes soon


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