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After researching a move to Oz quite thoroughly we now find ourselves at the point as to whether we bite the bullet & appoint a migration agent to process the visa application or we choose the option to stay in the UK.
We know we can get a 175 visa as we're both accountants so there is no problem there, however the kids who are 11 & 13 have picked up on some conversations about moving down under & they are saying that if we were to go they would stay in the UK, Bless !!

I know all there are numerous reasons why a move to Oz is worthwhile, but I guess it is the fear of the unknown & the initial upheaval.

What I really need I guess is some responses & reassurances from expats who can confirm that the move down under was the best decision to make & why it is so good to live there from both a professional & personal perspective

Oh by the way, we're looking at 1st choice Melbourne followed by Adelaide

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Comment by Tony Mooney on March 28, 2009 at 10:42
PS I forgot to add my client return rate is 8%
Comment by Tony Mooney on March 28, 2009 at 10:42
The commonly quoted percentage of people who return home within the first year is 25%. I manage a relocation company helping people migrate to Australia. I have visited Australia 16 times in the last 10 years mainly in my professional capacity but also as a tourist. It was not until my 14th visit I actually "understood" Australia. It really doesn't matter too much about the country it's down to the individual.

Although my day is spent helping people migrate to Australia, it is not somewhere I would want to live, but I love the country the friendliness of the people and I find it quite amusing the passion for having a rule for everything even if it defies common sense. For example they are desperate for HGV drivers but because it is seen as a semi skilled occupation they will not allow drivers a visa? The outcome is drivers migrate to New Zealand and once they have PR they move to Australia.
Currently Cathay Pacific are offering flights for under £500.00 return to Australia so it is quite cheap to pop home and see friends. Skype video conferencing helps keep you in touch with home and with video streaming you can watch Eastenders at any time.
Migration is not something to take lightly, there are many myths and legends, talk to everyone you can but don't believe everything shown on "Wanted down under" it is an entertainment program. If you want to discuss options I am happy to offer assessments at no charge, unless everyone in your family want to go... think very carefully.
Comment by Dave Foster on March 25, 2009 at 20:51
Thanks guys for your input. I have been on the migrationangel website previously & it has proved to be very helpful.
I think we are pretty well versed in the facts & figures regarding any relocation & our eyes are definately wide open with regards to the work involved & any potential problems arising with such a massive move , it's just a case of "the devil you know" back in dreary, depressed UK verses "Is the grass really greener 12000 miles down under"
Everything seems to point to the fact that it is,yet we both have this niggling devil on the shoulder .... what if it isn't ?
Only we can make that decision but it is good to hear other expats points of view, so keep posting your thoughts, views & experiences so that we can make this decision........
Comment by Skills Shortage Consulting on March 25, 2009 at 5:20
I'd speak to a MARA registered agent about which visa to apply for due to the priority processing system. Most offer free consultations so take advantage of this service..

You have chosen two extremes - Melbourne is a vibrant city with shops and restaurants that are open late a night. Melbourne has some of the best restaurants in Australia and is the fashion capital - it's great for shopping. However you can experience all four seasons in one day and Melbourne has cold winters.

Adelaide is quiet - similar to Perth but property prices are lower.

On a personal note I did not settle at all when we first moved to Australia. It took two years and an interstate move - however now I cannot even remember what I missed about the UK.

Think very carefully about what you enjoy about your lifestyle in the UK and match it against the varous states.

Good luck!

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