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It is 2010 and I am not any closer to moving anywhere.

Ode to the Global Economy. The jobs are not there, and the outlook for the rest of the year is bleak. It is a dream of mine to work on getting a virtal job, paying off my debt, and have the ability to move to Sydney Australia for a year or two. That would be a dream come true. Dreams happen for other people it seems like. I can work hard more and more; and nothing is going to change. I do not see the company that I work for any closer to selling than it was 3 years ago. The board members talk about being more aggressive in selling the company, but I do not see it.

However, that is not what this blog is about. I have some questions that I am not sure anyone can answer. But I will try.

1) If I develop a virtual job (as in a job 100% online), and have a decent monthly income - would it be possible to be able to move there without having to put up a large amount of Cash for a Bond?

2) Is Australia becoming Entrepreneur Friendly? Would it be possible to get sponsored by a company and within the year - go off on my own and start and maintain a business there?

The amount of research that I have done - it would be expensive to move to Australia. The Visa cost alone is too much for me. Over $2,000 is way too much. It would be cool to live there for 12 months. Even with my Technology, IT, and Marketing skills - the jobs here are scarce.

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Comment by Nicholas Anderson on March 31, 2010 at 22:46
I have been to OZ three times in 5 years, and I tend to always meet some great Australian girls. I seem to feel 1,000 more appreciated there, then I do here. Crazy huh? I will see about the 12 month VISA. Seems to be better for me at this time. Maybe I will get lucky and find a company here in the states that has an office in Sydney and get transferred. Crazier things have happened. It is best if a corporation takes care of the cost - rather then me. : :LOL
Comment by Michael J Kelly on March 31, 2010 at 22:40
Hi Nicholas, the problem with internet based business is you have to show a need to be in Australia to run your business. You can obtain a business visa for two years with the provision to extend or change to a permanent visa, depending how business works out, usually $200,000 per year turnover and employ 2 Australians. The visa costs, as they all do so start saving!
One other idea, you say that you want to live in Australia for a couple of years.....start an online business, when you start to make enough money to get by, get a 12 month tourist visa to Oz! You can run the business from here and as it looks like you are single, you may meet a nice Australian girl!???

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