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Just to let you know that we'll be working with the WA government over the next few months, inclusing them being at our Down Under Live events in September.


I'll also be talking to Peter Collier, their employment minister, in Australia & New Zealand magazine. Here's his take on the job situation in WA -

"We face potential labor shortages in the hundreds of thousands," he said, pointing to government figures saying the state of 2.3 million people risks a shortfall of 150,000 jobs by 2017. "With a boom in the resources sector you have special challenges. Industries like hospitality roll their eyes when they hear about a resources boom because they lose all their workers."

In the Pilbara, a region in the north of Western Australia that accounts for 40% of the world's iron-ore exports, truck drivers can win annual salary packages of well over A$150,000 (US$160,800). That's about £100,000, a typical financial-sector salary in the U.K. But in the barren, baking-hot Pilbara, no necktie is required.

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