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Hi, my family and i are moving to Adelaide this October and want to rent a house from the UK so that we can move straight in when we leave the arrivals hall! Does anyone know any agencies that specialises in overseas tennants?

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Comment by Michael J Kelly on February 24, 2010 at 7:08
Hi Cj, be careful with the agencies that cater for immigrants short or long term, in our experience they charge a fortune. There are a lot of local agents wherever you want to be, a google search is best. You need many things to rent a house here in Oz, proof of previous rental, a tennancy ledger, references, bank details showing that you have the means to pay, the list goes on! That said we have found some agents and landlords are willing to take a chance. We booked a hotel in Sydney from the UK, for 3 nights to sleep off the jet lag. Then we used motels for 2 weeks, until we found a place to rent. The place we found was not on any internet site, we found it by chance whilst looking at other places. We pay weekly without signing any agreement for a one bed furnished apartment, $170 per week including all bills, even have the use of a pool in the complex. This place is great untill we sort out something more permanent. Strange thing is there are several more empty apartments in the complex! Maybe you can find similar in Adelaide, but strangely the rental charges seem quite high there. Good luck with the search.

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