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People Are Finding Jobs in Australia Doing What?

Did you know that other people are finding employer sponsorship in Australia, whilst you are slaving away, trying to get some kind of positive response?

I've been working with more than 20 people in the past 7 weeks and they have seen a spike in their job sponsorship search results, with many getting interviewsand some even landing employer sponsored jobs already!

When I created this online mentoring course, I did not realise how powerful it would be in helping people to find employer sponsorship, and after a short time only, did I realise the impact it was having on participants' job search - for the better!

One participant came to me after two months applying for jobs, and by making one significant change to her job search, in one week starting receiving phone calls nearly every day about jobs she had applied for!

Another participant had several interviews and landed employer sponsorship shortly after starting to work with me.

The feedback has been incredible, and because of this, I want to extend an offer for 9 serious employer sponsorship seekers to work with me in the next two months, starting 1st June, so I can help you turn around your job search. I can only take 9 serious people at this stage, so if you are interested in joining me, you will need to act fast.

To learn more about getting one-on-one assistance from me throughout June and July, and how to secure your place, visit the following link now: .

I very much look forward to getting to know you and assisting you with your Australian job sponsorship search!

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