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I was wondering if anyone else feels they are in limbo because of the recession. We obtained our visa,s a couple of months ago, however we need to rent our house out in Scotland before we go.There was interest the first few weeks now there is absolutely no interest what so ever. Luckily my job offer still stands as I am going across on a 457 visa, but it still remains a fact we can't go untill the house is rented.So here we are JUST WAITING.......... If any one else is in this position drop me a blog we can console each other.

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Comment by Kelly on August 29, 2009 at 10:25
Hi Annette, sorry I haven't got back to you, have been working night shift the brain,s been a bit dead. Idon't know about validating the e457 visa. i thought because it was work sponsored you just had to go out there and work right away. One of the reasons we were not going to sell our house was because we only had the e457 visa, and just in case anything work wise meant we had to come back, however cause the house isn't renting we are leaning more towards that idea. We had our letting agent round last week taking different photos of our house, and still no interest. We are the same as you, getting really fed up. If I had a penny for every time I hear "so your still here then" and "oh so your not going now" I'd be real well off. Any how stick in there, I suppose the longer we're here the more we can save. I really hope I have more of an idea of a date before Christmas comes around again. Can't bear the thought of telling the kids again to ask Santa for presents that can only fit into a case. GOOD LUCK, kelly
Comment by Annette Herron on August 10, 2009 at 23:27
Hi there, the bloody boats gona sink!, were in the same situation visas passed in Feb 08 and a farm house to sell in Co. Armagh Northern Ireland . Have heard that visas could be validated by short visit to Oz and as they are valid to Feb 2010 so the pressures is on .Could anyone advise if the main visa holder on a e457 class ,was to go alone to Oz and consequently validate the main visa , would this also validate the remaining visas? . Or would all relevant visa holders have to accompany the main holder?. We have a job held in Perth and we all eagerly wish to get there ASAP. Limbo is hard to put up with but no choice i suppose .Just got to stay the course and play it to the end. We have never been to Oz but we are agreed that the Uk is not for us anymore on a number of fronts.Annette
Comment by Ken Fayers on July 18, 2009 at 21:45
Hi Kelly, Similar boat. Received my 175 visa at the beginning of July. We (my wife and I) are flying to Perth for a week to validate it, but don't expect to move for another year - probably two. We've got a house here in the UK which we can't sell at a sensible price and I've a permanent job here in the UK which it would be stupid to give up while the Australian employment market is quiet. Of course when we decided to apply (about 18 months ago now) I only had an interim job and the housing market was still healthy - if only the whole process had only run a bit faster I'd be in Australia now! On the plus side it gives us more time to decide which part of Australia to move to (we visited Melbourne and Sydney before applying - seemed daft to apply to emigrate to a country we'd never visited - are going to Perth and are already considering another trip to see Adelaide and Brisbane). Ken
Comment by Lesley Jennings on July 17, 2009 at 9:47
Hi there, we are in the same boat! We have visa, have validated in April and now just waiting............ Can't sell the house at the moment and thought it would be so easy! Not prepared to rent it out as new build and don't want it ruined + too far away to sort out problems and will still be in limbo land as won't be able to purchase any property in Oz. Just keep telling myself what is meant to be will be and perhaps we are not supposed to go yet but still planning our cunning escape!!!! Les
Comment by keith edward millward on July 16, 2009 at 22:40
hi kelly,
it took me three and a half years to get my subclass 136 visa, i was finaly granted my visa in february 2008, my house has been on the market for 1 year and 2 months and i can not go untill sold, as i cannot afford to rent it out and pay someone to do all the maintenance while im in west australia. the houseing market is so dead that all ive had since its been on the market is 23 viewings. but i keep smiling as last december i went to perth to see my brother and at the same time got my visa stamped, i now have just under 3 years to be able to sell my house and move to AUSTRALIA.......all the best keith.......
Comment by Michael J Kelly on July 15, 2009 at 12:07
It doesn't help much to hear that other people are in the same position, but you are certainly not alone. We left Oz just over 3 years ago, came back to the UK, bought a house that needed a complete refurb and regretted it from the moment we received the keys! Had to do the house which took over 18 months, got it back on the market just in time for the resession! Over 3 years later we have the chance of a part exchange for a cheaper house, if it goes through? We hope to let the house out for the time being and use the cash to go back to Oz. With the downturn in the property market here, the rise in property prices in Oz and the weak pound I reckon we are around one hundred thousand pounds poorer.
Comment by Cal on July 15, 2009 at 5:20
Hi Kelly
Keep smiling and make the most of your time left there (shopping for supplies to bring over worked for me,lol). Have you tried independantly advertising your house ? i know this worked for a couple of familys i have met over here.
Hang on in there it will be worth it in the end.
Cal x
Comment by Catherine Bryans on July 14, 2009 at 12:48
Hi Kelly. Just want to console you anyway. I am not in the same position as you just yet and I have applied for a 176 visa on 15th May this year (CSL). I recently heard that it could be another 5 - 6 months (at least) before I hear anything (so much for the CSL list!!). As you say it is a waiting game.

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