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I cannot believe the length of time it takes to register as a Midwife with a nursing board in Australia!!! I initially started the process in September of this year. Just today I received a letter with a large list of outstanding requirements that is necessary in order to progress with my application.

I do not understand that the information such as transcript/curriculum of the course which was originally sent to the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council by my University (and was then forwarded onto the Nursing Board) is not good enough to register, but is actually good enough to be able to proceed with my visa application.

If the Boards would even consider E-mailing this information, instead of insisting it is sent by snail mail, things could happen much quicker!!!!! (Glad I got that off my chest).

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Comment by Kelly on December 26, 2009 at 11:53
Hi Catherine, we are at the brilliant stage of after our house being on the rental market since May 'thats when we eventually got our visa' it's now been rented. The people move in on the 1st of Feb. So now i've got to try and sort through everything, and try and get organised. I'm meant to start my job on the 1st of March, however I'm going to ask them if they can make it the end of March instead. It's really exciting because we now we really know its happening, this has been dragging now to almost 2 years, what with paperwork issues and the recession making it's mark. We're heading to Brisbane, what part are you going to?
Comment by Catherine Bryans on December 26, 2009 at 9:47
Hi Kelly. I am glad someone else has had the experience I have had!!! I have already been on the phone to them a few times, but no one has suggested E-mailing (think I will have to get back on the phone and suggest this myself). Our visa has now been granted, but I won't be able to work until I'm registered, and as I have already been offered a job, as you say I could get my employers to contact them to see if things can happen quicker. But glad you're all sorted. What stage of the process are you at? Are you just waiting to emigrate? Catherine
Comment by Kelly on December 25, 2009 at 12:32
my sentiments exactly, it took me ages to register with the Queensland Nursing council, and it drove me nuts with the snail mail or as I called it pigeon post. They also were not very clear with the instructions as to what they want exactly. However stick in there it does happen eventually, what I ended up doing was I phoned them directly and the person that I spoke to I also ended up emailing directly as well. Also I got my employers to contact them to see if they could push things along any quicker, and WAHEY it worked. Good Luck

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