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At 23:35 on January 21, 2010, kitty2010 said…
Hey guys,
I am looking to move to Australia (Melbourne) before the summer- to work as a nurse on a 457 Visa. How exhaustive is the list of things to do!!! OMG is anyone going through the same thing just now; studying for ielts etc? Please help keep me motivated. I feel like its taking too long-getting everything togethe. I am also, incredibly worried sick about the IELTS exam. I am also worried about feeling lonely when I get over there!! Advice please. Kitty, 25
At 18:53 on December 26, 2009, Catherine Bryans said…
I cannot believe that our stories are so similar!!! Myself and my husband are also together 22 years, and it was shortly after that when my husband's aunt was emigrating that we thought of doing it ourselves. I qualified as a midwife in September 07, but it wasn't until Feb of this year that we used the job as a midwife to start the process of getting out to Australia. We are going on a 176 family sponsored visa, so it was expensive (we did use an agent). Although the hospital were willing to sponsor me. So once we get out there, I suppose we will be considered to be Australian residents. No matter what way we get out there, everyone will think we are barking!!!!
At 16:37 on December 26, 2009, Kelly said…
Jee, Catherine our stories are almost the same, its since me and our hubby have been together that we have said we would like to move to Oz, thats 22 yrs in Jan. Its only been possible because of me being a nurse. I qualified in feb 08. We're going on a skilled sponsored visa 457, the plan is to start the full immigration across there. This was the easiest way for us,also the hospital provided us with an immigration agent for free, and honestly it took a lot of hassle off of us. I,m pleased that we are renting our house, initially we were going to sell, but this way I feel that we are giving ourselves a fair chance, I don't want to think that Oz HAS to work because we've sold up here, however the down side is that it,s just cases and us. So when we land in Oz, we really are starting over. No beds, no settee, no nick naks just like Dick whittington and his little spotted hankee...................... So I suppose that is why our folks are thinking we're barking
At 14:54 on December 26, 2009, Catherine Bryans said…
We haven't actually got a quote yet, but I think its around £3,000!!! We are planning to sell the house (to fund the move). But would love to be able to rent it out and it would be there if we decided we wanted to come back. You are very lucky to be able to do that. Like you, we are looking on the move as an adventure. We also have wanted to go to Australia for around 20 years!!!! and as I only qualified as a midwife 2 and a half years ago, the job has enabled us apply for the visa. I still cannot believe that we actually have the visa!!
At 12:58 on December 26, 2009, Catherine Bryans said…
So glad you are nearly there. It must be a great feeling!! Our Visa's only came through on 16th December, so it was a lovely Christmas present. We are going to Melbourne, as my husband has relatives who live there. Your children look young enough for them to settle in well when you get there. My children are 15, 13 and 7 and the two oldest ones still do not want to move, so although myself and my husband are excited at the prospect of going to Australia, the two oldest children are still a worry. We have a Westie as well, but hopefully she will be coming along, she is 1 and a half years old. Have you visited Australia before? We have never been and people think we are mad going somewhere we don't know!! But I think to validate the visa, we may well have to go on a holiday (if we can get the money from somewhere).
At 10:53 on August 4, 2009, lisa dyer said…
Hi Kelly,
Sorry to hear everything is taking so long, its very frustrating isn`t it. We are already in rented so thankfully do not have that problem. Gave our notice yesterday all getting very close now, having very mixed feelings. Still have so much to sort out ! I had a look at Greenslopes Hospital, it looks really nice, so lucky you for getting a job there. What area do you work in ? I have always been community based, district nursing now practice. I just hope this is not going to be too much of a problem for me. Anyway good luck with letting your house out. I am sure all of a sudden everything will happen and you will be rushing around like us ! Take care Lisa
At 14:47 on August 3, 2009, steven keast said…
Hi Kelly, thanks for replying but unfortunately it is a little premature. We hit a problem with Visa Application, our Labour Agreement nomination expired a day or so before our vis application was received. Luckily the people at DIAC were great and sent all the documents back. We now have to wait for another nomination number under a ENS. This could take a few more weeks which is a bit frustrating. We are mow aiming for a move straight after xmas :>(
So long as we can get kids into school for new term, i don't supposes its a problem.
If you don't mind me asking, how you going about renting out your house in terms of how your mortgage provider stands? I think we might have a tough time as some don't like the house owner to be out of the country. I tried to re-mortgage so i could get some extra cash but it was a non-starter.
Hope things start to move for you soon.
best regs
At 1:47 on May 5, 2009, John said…
Hi Kelly

I replied a couple of days ago about Singapore but did it on my phone so doesn't look like it got to you.

I'd recommend a stop in Singapore, plenty to do and see with the kids. We stayed at the Miramar which was reasonably priced. Take the kids to Jurong Bird Park, and the Botanic Gardens, but beware, it's bloody hot ... it's amazing just how much a baldy Scottish bloke can sweat.

Go to Chinatown Complex and get yer dinner from one of the wee stalls, cheap and cheerful but very good.
At 20:02 on February 8, 2009, Leanne & Craig said…
Hi Kelly, thanks for the advice, its nice to here succesful stories from ppl who have done what we plan to do as this gives us more hope to carry it on. good luck with your move, new job and i hope all goes well for you and you family in oz.
At 14:05 on February 8, 2009, John said…
We've no idea where to go just now. I like the look and sound of Melbourne, reminds me of Barcelona, but I'll go wherever I can get a good job. We stay in a small village/town just now and commute so would be happy doing the same. Going through places like Port macquarie to see how the look and feel.
At 11:33 on February 8, 2009, John said…
Oh, I didn't know about the first time buyers cash.
At 8:55 on February 8, 2009, John said…
Good luck with the move. I take it you're not selling up here due to the crappy housing market just now?

Hope you don't mind if we pick your brains once you get to Brisbane.
At 4:39 on February 7, 2009, Cal said…
Kelly just read on BJs page you have a job at Greenslopes private Hospital, i go there to see my liver specialist , it sure is a beautiful, clean place and soooo big and busy. I am sure you will love it everyone always seems really friendly when i go. Lots of Luck to you.
At 4:35 on February 7, 2009, Cal said…
Hiya Kelly
I only know of one property near Greenslopes and the last family i knew who booked it on-line where far from impressed when they arrived. I guess you get what you pay for but an average weekly cost for a furnished house is around $800, have a look on Stayz or rentalsinoz to get an idea.
Hope this helps you a little
At 13:09 on February 6, 2009, BJ said…
Hey found this link for you to accommodation for rent longer term, gives you and idea of prices in the area.
At 13:06 on February 6, 2009, BJ said…
Gorgeous kids, Kelly. Check your inbox. Anything else you need just ask, will do what I can to help.

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